Florencia is a brand proudly owned by Technobuilt, it is being run by young, creative, and hard-working men and women. We are committed to maintaining a high level of workmanship with special attention paid to details and aesthetics, our core focus includes but is not limited to kitchens, closets, and retail counters.

Our company works in any part of Nigeria (and other West African countries) focusing on new and existing homes owned by; private individuals, corporate organizations, and property developers. We pay great attention to ensuring that our designs satisfy the appetite of our clients in terms of functionality and durability.

Through all of this, we also try to bring materials that are healthy and durable, more efficient kitchen and cabinet systems, and smart eco-friendly design to each of our projects.

You as the homeowner place a great deal of trust and responsibility in our hands, and we feel it is our job to respectfully meet your expectations. Our goal is to work with the homeowners to create a final product that they will feel good about.

Our design process is complete and thorough, top to bottom, left to right. We take space planning and layout beyond the basics to include interlaced electrical and mechanical design, tile, paint, light fixtures… every possible facet of your project.  It is our job to understand your aesthetic as well as the architectural style of both your home and the community it is part of. The designer is the filter between what you want, what your house wants, and what constitutes exceptional design. They have both the knowledge and experience to create a functional and amazing space you will love. Through a series of meetings at both your location and ours, we will fine-tune and finalize your design.

As part of every design project, we carry out a comprehensive analysis to minimize and if possible eradicate conflict of ideas. We make a conscious and holistic effort to walk our clients through the design in such a manner that you already have a clear and concise representation of what your project will look like after completion.

Our fabrication is smooth and superb; we make use of top-range equipment that guarantees premium finishing. We have positioned our products to favorably compete with similar products from the west and other developed countries, hence there is basically no need to think of importing while you can get what you want from us and save yourself the hassles of exchange, shipping, and clearing burden.

Our personnel are well trained and experienced to offer you the best project you can ever dream of. We save you the hassles of site disruption and the generation of unnecessary waste on your project site; our fabrication is carried out 100% from the factory. Our installation team will set up your job within days. At Florencia, we make you own your project and allow you to beat your own drum in your tune, we only dance to it and make you happy.

We take great pride in all of our projects, large or small. What kind of an exciting project do you want for your home?